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Honorary Classmates

Our Class executive has, from time to time, chosen to honor the contributions of individuals who have supported our various activities, by recognizing them as Honorary Classmates, providing a certificate confirming this status. Individuals so recognized include:

The Honorable Charles W. Stenholm
Congressman, Texas, a long time Class supporter

Sergio and Pilar Micheli
Hosts for many years of our Class luncheons at Ristorante Portofino

Ingram Leedy
“Major Domo” and host for our Class “Listserv.”

Mary Gale Buchanan
Daughter of Academy Commandant, (then) CAPT Buchanan, USN
Longtime supporter of our Class in many ways

Stewart White
Graphic designer and artist of the Cold War Mural in Alumni Hall

Burton R. Floyd
Our website expert and class email broadcaster

GREETINGS AND SALUTATIONS: This is the Fifteenth Annual Letter that has been sent since their beginning. It is intended to inform you of what has transpired during the previous year and what we have planned for the out years. While much of the information has been available via email/web site/regular mail and through our column in Shipmate, the purpose of this letter is to reach the entire Class in summary form. Contained herein are: major events/activities that occurred during 2020, and actions taken by the Class Executive Committee. We have been dodging COVID-19, so we have not been on solid footing for reunion planning and you will find our current plan below. An update of information regarding key ’55 Points of Contact (POC's) and Executive Committee members can be found on our web site,, as well as information about Class Social Events (mostly in DC area) for the coming year.




The 65th Reunion was to be the highlight of 2020. At the time of the last Annual Letter the Reunion Committee was feeling good about the reunion arrangements and classmate reservations. Then the coronavirus/COVID-19 hit. On 18 March we announced the cancellation of the reunion. Fortunately, the Class Officers (Parker, Fountain, Stallman and Pirie) have agreed to continue serving until a future election may be held. In the absence of other social activities, the class has initiated a Class Zoom gathering on the last Monday of each month at 1600 Eastern Time. We lost 25 classmates during 2020–see In Memoriam for the list. As of the last recorded death in 2020 there were 266 classmates not recorded as deceased.



Twice scheduled and postponed by the COVID pandemic, plans for our 65th Class Reunion have been abandoned and we have now firmly scheduled a 67th Reunion of the Naval Academy Class of 1955 on 28-30 April 2022. Apologies to all whose plans have been upset by the shuffling but we couldn’t afford to risk the health of the hearty remainder of our Class. Now put the new dates in your calendars and make your plans to attend in defiance of your aches and pains! Further word and details on Registration and reservations at the reunion hotel will be promulgated early this Fall. The reunion hotel is still the DoubleTree of Annapolis who have been exceptionally cooperative with us through all this. We trust all will have settled down on the Yard by then. As of now no other classes are competing with us for full attention and we should have a fine 67th Reunion! Don’t miss this one!

Reunion Committee: Bob Fountain, Chair, Robin Pirie, Tom Stallman and Denny Sullivan



The class currently has $31,715.01 in the local bank account, and has $14,874.55 on account with the Foundation. So far this year we have spent $6,861.46 as follows: Flowers $1,434.35; Newsletter $5,57.11; BR retainer $1,470; Reunion $3,400 (repayable from reunion proceeds). Receipts from class dues have been $1,490, from 31 classmates and 11 widows. We have been saved by generous donations in memory of Bruce Newell to the tune of $6,130. Even recognizing that the reunion probably disrupted members planning, we can do a lot better. Dues are just $20 per year, so please pitch in.



The DC area luncheons are in abeyance during this time. We have initiated monthly class zoom gatherings at 1600 ET on the last Monday of each month. A class email will be sent each month with details for logging in.



Carr, Jr., James M. (16), Chmelik, James J. (22), Del Plato, Lawrence S. (4), Fairey, William G. (9), Hamley, Gordon B. (20), Hensley, Russell D. (3), Hunter, George F. (7), Kaus, Norbert R. (18), Mack, Richard N.(15), Martin, George W. (14), McAfee, Carlos K. (15), McGinnis, William E. (15), McLaughlin, Richard B. (11), Miller, David O. (10}, Newell, Jr., Byron Bruce (19), Ricketts, Myron V. (5), Saunders, Wesley W. (23), Smith, William D. (4), Stewart, John E. (6), Strickland, Theodore R. (2), Stuart, Donald B. (24), Turcotte, William E. (14), Ulcickas, Jr., Simon, J. (19), Wilkinson, Jr. Edward A. (17), Willis, Jr., James L. (9)