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65th Reunion News

Committee: Ted Parker (Chairman); Tom Stallman; Dennis Sullivan; Fred Tolleson

Annapolis: Thursday 4/23 thru Saturday 4/25, 2020

DoubleTree Host Hotel (

Great bloc rate ($139 + tax); free parking; transportation hub

Room registration cannot start until April 2019

Preliminary three day plan outlined; continuing review

Major events at the DoubleTree (e.g. Welcome Reception; Banquet)

Friday “On the Yard” (e.g. Memorial Service; Luncheon; Parade ??)

One Flat Registration Fee for the Weekend

Preliminary budget and costs defined: emphasis on affordable

USNAAA will handle registration checks and reports

Current planning: ~100 attendees (50+ classmates)

Survey in spring 2018 will update 2016 / 2017 information

Communications plan in place

Class emails; Annual Newsletter; Shipmate; ultimately, The Gouge

Volunteers Needed

Check-in support; stocking / staffing Hospitality Suite

Organizers for Company/Battalion get togethers

Focal point for class widows: maintain data base; communicate



Class Communications (March 14, 2018)

Procedures for Class Communications have been updated. They are explained below for your information and guidance.

  1. Burton Floyd, hereafter referred to as BR, keeps the class directory of all known classmate contact information, and also acts as the sender of approved class email broadcasts as Send individual directory updates to Tom Stallman ( for processing to BR.

  2. Bruce Newell ( is the class Decedent Affairs Coordinator. Send all notices of death and associated services, etc. to him.

  3. News items and other information, including time sensitive items, requested/suggested for class email broadcast should be sent to Vice President Bob Fountain ( with copy to Tom Stallman (

  4. Tom Stallman ( is Class Secretary, including Directory matters, Newsletter preparation, website oversight and Executive Committee minutes.

  5. Fred Schoenberger is Shipmate Editor. Send news items and photos of general interest to him at (This is a special address for Shipmate business only.)

  6. The class Newsletter will be published several times a year and mailed to all known postal mail addresses. It will therefore reach the widest class distribution. The Executive Committee will determine content and timing, and will include the Annual Letter early each year.

  7. The class website is and includes the Class Directory and Lucky Bag photos (to view either enter password goat) and other information. Those with internet access (either your own or borrowed from family or friends) please review your contact information in the Directory and report changes to Tom Stallman as above. Also send Tom any comments, suggestions, etc. concerning the website.



10 - Luncheon at Portofino Restaurant, Arlington, VA

14 - Luncheon at Portofino Restaurant
25 – Brunch at the Naval Academy Club followed by the Glee Club presentation of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”.

14 - Luncheon at Portofino Restaurant

4 – Spring Luncheon at Army Navy Country Club. Details later.

9 – Luncheon at Portofino Restaurant

13 - Luncheon at Portofino Restaurant

11 – Luncheon w/ladies at Pirate’s Cove Restaurant, Galesville, MD.

8 – Luncheon at Portofino Restaurant

12 - Luncheon at Portofino Restaurant

10 - Luncheon at Portofino Restaurant

14 - Luncheon at Portofino Restaurant

8 - Army Football Game in Philadelphia
- Christmas Luncheon w/Ladies. Details later.

Note: Football and tailgate schedule will be promulgated later.


Minutes of the Xcom Meeting held 8 November 2017

  1. President MacKinnon convened the meeting at 1235 on Wednesday 8 November 2017 at Portofino Restaurant after the monthly luncheon. Also in attendance were Hatch, Parker, Stallman, Sullivan and Tolleson. After his welcome MacKinnon mentioned the last football tailgate coming up and a collection for a gift card for the Hines.

  2. Stallman presented the minutes of the 9 August 2017 meeting, which were approved.

  3. Stallman read Pirie’s Treasurer Report: "As of 1 November 2017 the class had $30,935.43 on deposit in a local bank, and $4,839.15 on deposit with the Foundation. So far this year we have expended $5,494.65 as follows: $2,318.41 for flowers, $559.84 for newsletters, $2,370 for BR, and $250 for an advance to David Wright for reunion services, which I expect to recoup from reunion contributions. To date I have received $1,830 in contributions from 57 classmates. I recommend that we send out a reminder in the next newsletter. I will provide text if requested."

  4. Parker initiated an update on 65th Reunion planning by reviewing the current draft of the reunion schedule. He then brought up 3 items for information/discussion.

    1. There will need to be some class volunteers recruited to assist with the reunion. Such chores as helping with registration and setting up and operating the Hospitality Room.

    2. A decision is needed on how to structure the reunion fee. In the past we have used an a la carte format where attendees could select the events they wished to attend. This time, however, the Reunion Committee is recommending a single flat fee per person because of the shorter simpler schedule of events and to facilitate financial control. The Xcom members present agreed to the flat rate scheme.

    3. The matter of widow participation in the reunion was introduced. Left for continuing discussion and guidance from the Xcom were:

      1. Should we charge attending widows the full registration fee, or a reduced fee (perhaps one-half) to provide a benefit similar to our sponsoring of widows to the banquet that was done in the past?

      2. Can we come up with a management structure to better maintain communication with our widows and express our welcome to them to attend class events such as the reunion?
  5. Sullivan reported working on the Social Calendar for 2018. Features expected to be included are monthly luncheons at Portofino on second Wednesdays, a USNA musical on 25 February, a Spring Luncheon at ANCC on 4 April, a Crab Feast at Pirate’s Cove on 11 July and a Christmas luncheon at Belle Haven CC.

  6. Stallman mentioned that preparation of the January 2018 Newsletter/Annual Letter needs to begin. Specially mentioned to be included is current Reunion information and a dues stimulation article.

  7. The meeting was adjourned at 1325.

Tom Stallman
Class Secretary