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67th Reunion scheduled for April 28–30, 2022


Class Communications (March 14, 2018)

Procedures for Class Communications have been updated. They are explained below for your information and guidance.

  1. Burton Floyd, hereafter referred to as BR, keeps the class directory of all known classmate contact information, and also acts as the sender of approved class email broadcasts as Send individual directory updates to Tom Stallman ( for processing to BR.

  2. Jim “Rock” Rothrock ( is the class Decedent Affairs Coordinator. Send all notices of death and associated services, etc. to him.

  3. News items and other information, including time sensitive items, requested/suggested for class email broadcast should be sent to Vice President Bob Fountain ( with copy to Tom Stallman (

  4. Tom Stallman ( is Class Secretary, including Directory matters, Newsletter preparation, website oversight and Executive Committee minutes.

  5. Fred Schoenberger is Shipmate Editor. Send news items and photos of general interest to him at (This is a special address for Shipmate business only.)

  6. The class Newsletter will be published several times a year and mailed to all known postal mail addresses. It will therefore reach the widest class distribution. The Executive Committee will determine content and timing, and will include the Annual Letter early each year.

  7. The class website is and includes the Class Directory and Lucky Bag photos (to view either enter password goat) and other information. Those with internet access (either your own or borrowed from family or friends) please review your contact information in the Directory and report changes to Tom Stallman as above. Also send Tom any comments, suggestions, etc. concerning the website.



All the usual activities are in abeyance during the pandemic. In their place we have added a class zoom gathering at 1600 ET on the last Monday of each month. A class email will be sent each month with the information needed to join.


Minutes of the Xcom Meeting held 18 June 2021

  1. Vice President Fountain convened the meeting at 1305 on Friday 18 June 2021 at Portofino Restaurant, after the special class luncheon, the first luncheon since early 2020. Also in attendance were members Hatch, Holland, Pirie, Stallman and Sullivan. Spud Flowers was also present, expressed a willingness to join the committee and was immediately accepted as a member. He fills the need to have a resident of the Annapolis area as a member.

  2. Stallman summarized the content of the minutes of the 11 September 2019 meeting, which were approved.

  3. Pirie presented a Treasurer’s report. As of 18 June we had 252 living members of the class, of whom 203 have paid dues to the association at one time or other, and 88 are Life Members. This year 43 living members and 12 of our very loyal widows have paid dues, to the sum of (no kidding) $1955. We have $33,638.05 in our local bank account, and $14,874.55 on deposit with the Foundation. Thus, while we could use more participation in dues payments, we are still comfortably positioned to support the scheduled reunion.

  4. The Committee acknowledged the resignation of President Ted Parker and took action to fill the vacancy. Vice President Bob Fountain was nominated and elected to the office of President. Then Robin Pirie was nominated and elected to the office of Vice President, to serve in addition to his duties as Treasurer. Both newly elected officers will serve until the election during the 67th Reunion. Stallman will initiate an email to the class announcing these results.

  5. Fountain presented a Reunion update. David Wright who served as our Reunion Coordinator for the cancelled 65th Reunion unfortunately died in December 2020. Based on the work previously done Fountain felt that he and the Committee could carry on with the rescheduled 67th Reunion without a full-time Coordinator but had interviewed and hired Mrs. Devon Crouse for as-needed assistance including full-time support during the Reunion itself, with the Committee’s approval. Our current expected attendance based on a May survey is about 75 total, classmates and guests, well short of the expected 130 for the cancelled 65th. Over the summer the Reunion must be rebudgeted based on lower attendance and current costs. The objective is to have the full new Reunion package ready by Labor Day so that formal registration can begin. Stallman will begin preparing a newsletter to the class with the reunion details, to send as soon as they are determined. The class has already been advised that DoubleTree reservations can be made now.

  6. Fountain explained the situation concerning class luncheons. At the present time Portofino is not serving lunch. However, with a count of 20 or more, they will do a special lunch. Since we cannot generate that many attendees, he looked for an opportunity to add us to an existing scheduled lunch. He found Friday June 18 had a lunch scheduled for a group and added us as a second lunch group. Turns out West Point ’68 had the original lunch reservation. We met in separate areas. Portofino is to start normal daily lunch in the fall, so we should be able to return to our usual second Wednesday schedule then.

  7. Fountain also solicited the views of attendees on possibly scheduling a luncheon with the ladies in July out on the Bay or elsewhere as we have done previously. There being little enthusiasm, in part because of driving distances, the proposal was shelved.

  8. There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 1345.

Tom Stallman
Class Secretary