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Stories from USNA Site

1996 About Oregon – Jack Tallman

A Sea Story – Tom Kiefaber

Air Force Pilots...Lie A Lot - Pat Taylor

Sea Stories From The Artic Ocean - CAPT Alfred S. McLaren USN (Ret.)

Cross Country Flight - Pat Taylor

Navy Dress Hat and Epaulets - Jack Tallman

"That's Why We Are The E-Ship, Sir!" - Al MacDiarmid

Because You Are El Jefe - Al MacDiarmid

Memories of Fun and Games With Bill XIV - John Raster and Jack Higgs

Tales of the N-3N's - Harold Pabst

My Path to the Naval Academy - Gary L. Snyder

Plebe Questions AKA "You're in the REAL Navy Now"- Al MacDiarmid

Slide Rule – George F. Francis

Small Boat, Big Blue - Steve Kaiser CDR, USN (Ret.)

Spud Locker Approach - Harvey Burden

Squadron Maneuvers - Ed Ogden

Puff the Spooky Dragon - Dick Dutnell

Walk on Water - Bob Vollum


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